Items search on orders

I’m new to but I discovered something and really hope there is a way to change it.
When I’m adding items to an order the search box pops up and its search seems to be set to CONTAINS I find this horrible. and would greatly prefer it to be Starts with instead

Currently it seems to be “WHERE ItemCode LIKE '%Search%”
Where I would prefer it to be “WHERE ItemCode LIKE 'Search%”

Longer version

I am using manager for a Tshirt shop I offer customers the ability to select their tshirts from a catalog that has hundreds of items not only that but each item comes in at least 7 sizes and each size is available in anywhere from 5 -25 color options. so what i have done is put the style number in the item code slot and in item name entered color and size and finally in description I enter color size item type and brand

item code Item Name Description
2000 XL Blue Blue XL Cotton Tshirt - Gildan

This allows the items search dropdown to show “2000 XL Blue” so I can identify the one I want from that list and then in the Purchase order or sales order ti shows 2000 and Blue XL Cotton Tshirt - Gildan so I know what to order.

all of that works just fine for me the problem comes in when IM searching for something before the 2000 I get a list of all the 02000’s and 12000’s so I have to add in the size and color to shorten the list.

is there any way to change the search query from CONTAINS to starts with?

In a word, no. More sophisticated search capabilities have been mentioned, but no time frame has been estimated.