Item allocated as income appears as negative sum in outgoings

Our simple accounts have income and expenditure allocated to different outings. One $45 amount received and allocated to income for the appropriate outing (Xmas at Bellara) is appearing as a negative (bracked) expense in the outgoings column for Xmas at Bellara of Profit and Loss statement. I have triple-checked the allocation of all $45 sums in the month of October and they appear to be correctly allocated as incoming funds, yet $45 continues to appear in Outgoings for October. Pls advise…

Apologies: I have tried to copy and paste the P&L without success. IF you need it, pls advise how to do so (I’ve tried dropping and dragging a screenshot; copying and pasting the same; also the same two methods with a pdf.

From the Summary tab, click the P&L balance for the Xmas at Bellara outgoings, this will list all the transactions making up the balance, then click edit next to the transaction with brackets - then correct the Account. That deposit must have the expense rather the income account allocated to it.

To post screenshot, click on the icon with the “up arrow over a bar” at the top of the reply panel where you enter text.

Also double-check the obvious: make sure the transaction was a Receipt and not a Payment. The same positive number will be automatically reversed in sign when posted from those two forms, even if posted to the same income account.

Thanks very much, Tut and Brucanna. When I opened the entry through ‘bank’, it was correctly allocated as income for Xmas as Bellara, yet Brucanna’s suggestion of accessing the entry through the Summary tab showed it as an expense! Anyway, changing it there as suggested worked perfectly. Thanks very much.