It is possible to recode transactions older than the lockdate


I just found that I was able to recode transactions older than the lock date.

Manager version: 19.7.65 for Linux


  1. Set a lock date in settings.
  2. In receipts and payments go to find and recode.
  3. Search for transactions
  4. Select transactions before the lock date,
  5. Select another ledger account to recode to.
  6. Press Bulk Update
  7. Notice the transactions have been recoded.

Kind regards, Arjen

Yes, this is possible. And it makes some sense. Suppose you have been allocating telephone bills to Utilities. Your records from two years ago are audited by your tax authority, and they tell you telephone bills should have been allocated to Communications. The Find & Recode feature lets you search and repost those expenses without unlocking.

Or, in another example, you create a chart of accounts and use it for several years, thinking a particular account will be useful. Later, you discover you have only used that account twice in three years and wish you had consolidated it with another. Find & Recode helps you repost those transactions so the unwanted account can be deleted from your chart of accounts. And it guarantees you will find all transactions that have been posted to the account, no matter how long ago they were, even if prior to a lock date.

This is a powerful feature, and should rarely be used.

True. Very practical and powerful tool/first aid IF duly authorized and used wisely. It must not be a norm. Make such change a painful excercise from internal control point of view.

Must be supported with manual calculation showing pre / post results and then it must be approved.

Only the overall accounting department head should be authorized to do approve and supervisor should be authorized to digitize it.