Issues with Uninvoiced Item of Customer

Hi, I’m having issues with my Uninvoiced Item when I clicked on a specific customer. When the summary shows only 20bucks billable expenses that were uninvoiced but when I clicked into the expanded list, it shows that it has random items also under that Customer when those belong to other customers. I’m on cloud edition so there shouldn’t be an issue with the edition. Please assist.

You need to illustrate this with screen shots. Show the drill-down on the uninvoiced figure for a customer. Show the Edit screen for transactions you believe belong to other customers.

What screen is that?

I don’t recognise it as a Manager screen - what did you click on to get to it?

@Vivian_Tan22, I recognize this screen as the first screen shot I requested. You have just obscured several headings, making it hard to understand. The key to solving your problem probably lies with the screen shot you did not show, the Edit screen of one of the transactions.

Since you cannot navigate directly to this from the screen you showed, you will have to make note of a transaction on the list. I suggest using the first one from 5/11/2017. Find that transaction, whichever tab it is in (I cannot tell, because you obscured the Type column.) Show its Edit screen.

I can reproduce the issue. Fixed in the latest version (20.5.54)

I see. Was trying to screenshot for you but realized, it’s solved. Thanks.

I don’t remember which version was it on my cloud when I posted this issue but as I log in today, my current version is 20.5.60 and the issue has been resolved. Thanks.

You will get that by deleting our customer’s information and your business name before posting.