Issue with Inventory Write-off Reference

When trying to display the reference of an Inventory Write-off using {{reference}} it doesn’t display, however; this works for all other documents. To test this issue, I added the following at the very beginning of a copy of the Plain template:

{% if business.logo != null %}{% endif %}
{{ title }}

The result was as follows for all documents, except Inventory Write-offs:

For inventory write-offs it looks like this:

I wonder if there is a different variable used for the reference of inventory write-offs. I checked the .json file for write-offs and it shows that it is almost identical to other document types as far as reference is concerned (did I miss something?).

Please explain your screen shots. One looks like the example view of a theme. The other looks like an actual write-off transaction.

Sorry, here’s another screenshot from another document:

I can reproduce this. The reference parameter appears not to work as expected in custom themes applied to inventory write-offs. I’ll keep testing, and see what I can discover.

use fields.Reference rather than reference and it works fine. (Haven’t tested across all forms, but works everywhere I’ve tested, including inventory write-offs)

Thank you very much! This works across all documents.