Invoicing inventory delivered on advance payments

Good Morning.

I received an advance payment from a customer for a qty of 900 boxes of my product. Part of the agreement was that I would store these items in my warehouse, with delivery in 3 batches to be initiated by the customer within 2 months from the date of payment.

Upon receiving the payment in full, I issued them a invoice. However, the client now says that the initial invoice is treated as a performa invoice, and that I need to submit a invoice (treated as a commercial invoice) to them pertaining to the quantity taken each time along with a delivery note.

Does manager support this? and if so how do I do this?


You could cancel (delete) that initial invoice which will a credit balance on the Customers account.
Then as you make each delivery raise an invoice just for that delivery, which will reduce the credit balance.

Oh!! That sounds easy. Thanks :slight_smile: