Invoices Overdue After Changing Receipt

Hi guys,

I am hopeless at accounting so I apologise beforehand.
I tried to produce a profit and loss statement but it didn’t recognise any of my income as I’d placed everything in “Accounts Receivable”, so I changed all the receipts to go into the “Sales” account and the profit and loss now comes up correct.
However now all my invoices show up as overdue, even though they are all paid and have receipts generated in the "Receipts and Payments section.

Do I need to delete all these receipts and re do them into the “Sales” Account or is this all wrong?

Cheers guys.

Have you read and understood both these Guides thoroughly?

No, you do not need to delete your receipts. You need to enter both sales invoices and receipts correctly. Since it seems you have not, you can edit them.