Invoice payment methods no longer appearing

Hi All, I’m currently running 16.11.86 after upgrading a while ago. I don’t do much business so I’ve only just noticed that since the upgrade the Payment Methods section is no longer appearing? I can’t remember what version I upgraded from, but it would have been more than a year since I’d upgraded before that.

Do I need to adjust the template to put it back? I’ve added it as a default in the Notes section for now, but that doesn’t help me with existing invoices. What have I done wrong?

Cheers and thanks for all your wonderful work on this product.


You are correct to use the Notes section and set it as default, but as you observed, this only affects new invoices and does not change any of the existing invoice information.

If for any reason you need to print out an historical invoice, you will need to manually add this to the notes section. Same as cloning an invoice… to have the new notes, you will need to open an invoice, add the notes and save it, then clone that invoice.

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You should update much more frequently. Your latest version is already 46 updates behind.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Tut,

I’m only using it as an invoice and receipting program for the most part. I’m not even really managing my account with it. Unfortunately I’m not an accountant, so each time I upgrade I don’t really know what to look for when it comes to things that have been (re)moved or otherwise so I’m always a bit scared of updating it as I generally figure it out much later. I only did this particular upgrade as I was planning to install macOS Sierra and wants to minimize any risk of there being a compatibility issue.



You may have trouble doing only that. Manager is a full-up, double-entry accounting system, whether you plan to use it that way or not. If you think you can use it just to generate invoices and receipts, without the proper accounting behind them, I think you’ll be surprised how much difficulty you have. Depending on what you do, you might find the program doing things automatically you don’t understand. It’s a tool, but you need to know what the tool does.

The nice thing about Manager is that you only need to enable the modules you need. But you still need to understand what they are doing. I recommend spending some time with a good online accounting education web site such as It will be worth it for the trouble it keeps you out of. After all, there are things you need just to file your taxes. You might as well let Manager keep track of it all for you.