Invoice Items - Suggestion to avoid redundancy in the items list

This is a suggestion regarding the Invoice Items List.
I have created invoice items as shown in the list below.

When i tried to add one item to the invoice list, i was almost confused as to which item to be selected.

Can it be made in such a way that the recurring item ie MANPOWER in this case be shown as a single entry in this case & the Description column to be a dropdown entity so that i can select the required description.

If you want to use invoice items, you should make sure each item has unique name. Such as:

  • Manpower (CL-NH)
  • Manpower (CL-OT)
  • Manpower (SSL-NH)

or even don’t mention “Manpower” in invoice item name and just have codes. Put the “Manpower” to description.

In future, description will show in dropdown but I would still use codes because there will be reports in future to give you break down of your invoice income by invoice items and you will have the same issue of not being able to distinguish between individual items on report.

Thanks for the reply & acceptance of the suggestion.

And thanks for the suggestion to add the item codes as unique elements. I will do implement it in my account book.