Invoice - artifact in print/save

When I export an invoice on my Mac, it seems to come with an artefact it’s picked up from somewhere (see picture).

It seems to be a “javascript:toggleNav();” button, similar to the one that extends and contracts the left hand side menu.

I’m not sure where it’s coming from - it’s on both the default invoice template, and the one I’ve modified slightly.

I’m running version 16.8.71.

Any ideas what I might have done wrong?

Thanks very much. Fantastic software. Love it!

That is the side menu expander toggle.

Please update your Manager version and try again.

What do you mean by “export,” @friendlyfaces? You need to be specific if you want help, because sales invoices cannot be exported from Manager. They can be printed or emailed.

As far as @Zark’s answer goes, there was a bug with how the screen displayed immediately after the navigation menu expander feature was introduced, but it was immediately corrected. So if you have fallen prey to that, @Zark’s solution will fix it.

Thanks for your quick replies. The new version fixed it. I’m sorry I didn’t try it. I assumed (clearly wrongly) that my version was up there with the latest.

It was just a fluke that you got caught with a bug that was fixed, I believe, within a day. Manager advances very rapidly. Sometimes there are multiple new versions in a single day, especially after new features are introduced and bugs are reported.