Inventroy kit quantity reorder

My manufacturer sells me an item comprising two items that is ITEM 1= Item A + Item B
I use inventory kit to sell these items together and sell these items individually occasionally.
the problem is that if item A is sold Individually then Item B is of none use unless I get the Item A from the manufacturer. I keep the stock in bulk quantity but the problem is that how I will come to know that if there is Item A or Item B is in short to complete the kit.
it is easy to know for Item 1 having only two items i can keep track of the only items but in my business there are many items and kits comprising of upto 20 items, is there any way to check that what is short in kits and i have to reorder accordingly.

I have to reorder the whole kits and the items short in kits, is there any way to monitor it? thanks

There is not an automatic way to monitor kit components all together. That is because inventory kits are not tracked as inventory. They are only meant as sales shortcuts.

I think the best way to do this is by following a regular inventory review process with assistance of a spreadsheet. Inventory kit components can be determined by viewing the kits under the Settings tab. Contents and quantities for each kit could be transferred to the spreadsheet. (This only needs to be done once.)

Then, available quantities of these components can be taken from the Inventory Items tab by export. To make this easier, a custom field could be created, showing as a column, indicating whether an inventory item is part of a kit. (This also only needs to be done once per kit component, and never for non-kit items.)

Another column can be added to the spreadsheet showing how many of each item you desire to keep on hand. This needs to be done once, but be reviewed as sales patterns change. The difference between available and desired quantities should be purchased or produced.

One added complexity will be inventory items that appear in more than one kit. These situations will require some logic on the spreadsheet to consolidate purchases. This is a major reason such a monitoring mechanism could not be implemented in Manager. There are many management decisions involved.