Inventory sellers question

If I have 3 salespeople and I want to take the count of each product they have in the bus, what would be the part of the program that can be used to get that inventory? inventory tranfer? Would the location be from the factory to the bus? other suggestion.


Your question is not clear. Can you furnish more details about the situation? Have you read the 3-part series of Guides on inventory management? Start here:

Sorry I’m using a translator and I can not explain it as I want … Yes, check the guide, but I did not see anything that talked about this particular process.

Basically take a count of the products that the sellers take in their trucks vs the inventory that I have in the factory. What would be the proper process to carry this inventory with manager.

Set up each sales person’s truck as a location. Also set up the factory as a location. Use inventory transfers to record inventory moved from the factory to each truck. Then, be sure to select the location for all transactions involving inventory. Manager will keep track of inventory remaining in each truck and at the factory.

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Perfect. Thank you.