Inventory - Repackaging Items

Hi everyone,

Need help with a current situation. I am in the trading business and my issue is the following:

When procuring and receiving:

  1. We procure of goods in BOXES (Inside each box is 4 X 4L bottles)
  2. And when receiving goods we create a goods receipt to record how many boxes received.

When selling to customers:

  1. Majority of the time we sell to customers in BOXES.
  2. Sometimes we will sell to customers in bottles.
  • How do i take some of my inventory items (BOXES) and repackage them into another inventory item as (BOTTLES)

I hope my explanation is clear.

Thank you.


Use production orders to convert boxes to bottles. Search the forum. This has been discussed endless times.

Thanks for your response.

Sometimes its quite difficult to search the forums. Rest assured I have tried before asking.

Sorry for the trouble but thank you for your response nonetheless.