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Respected sirs

I sincerely thank MANAGER TEAM for providing such a powerful tool for business accounting. It really helped me a lot for proper maintaining of accounts.

Sir due to negligency or lack of attention the inventory records are mismatching, like balance qty is differing from actual stock. Now I want to reset all inventory stocks to zero and want to enter new values after checking physical stocks. Is there any method to do this without altering other related entries. Or can we export inventory item list and install new MANAGER software in other computer and update inventory list in that computer and use that system.



You should do a write-off with the specific function or an adjustment through journal entry. You should change only quantities and not the amounts.

Read the Guide about batch operations to update these records.

@GAYATRIDAMBAL! Hello, it is very simple. If you want to reset the starting balance, you just need to go to Settings then to starting balances, look for Inventory on hand click on it, then you can see inventory items. There you can adjust the starting balances. However, if you wish to alter the later entries, could you let me know how did you receive the entries, was it by goods receipt or Puchase Invoices

Rgds / Sultan

Contrary to what @sonicgroup wrote, do not adjust starting balances. Those should only be set when migrating to Manager from another system. Use inventory writeoffs if your physical count is lower. Use journal entries if higher.

I should also have mentioned earlier that you cannot just adjust quantities with batch operations without also making necessary financial adjustments. I only meant to alert you that bulk changes were not to be made through starting balances.

@Tut, I didn’t advise to adjust. I just said if you want to re-set starting quantity, this is the way to do. Becuase, he wanted to know the option to adjust/reset the quantities. see his below request

Further, to my opinion, if the actual reason is not addressed for quantity difference and, instead, adjusted by the method, you have advised, it will just display different results. So, it is necessary to know if they have made mistake in entries via Purchase Invoice or Goods receipt, it is better to rectify those than simply using write offs (for excess goods) & journal (for short goods). This is my understanding, of the manager features/functionalities. If I am wrong, do correct me, I will really appreciate it.

I agree with everything you just wrote, @sonicgroup. I guess both of us addressed only part of the question in our first posts.