Inventory Quantity Movement Report - Title

Is it possible to incorporate the “Description” field into the title of the Inventory Quantity Movement Report ?

We use this report to track sales at events (cinema showings) - each event being the name of the film being shown.

These reports are saved and used for comparison purposes ( x people attended this show and bought y items of this product, but z people attended the next show and bought 2*y items for example).

Incorporating the description (e.g. “The Good Dinosaur”) into the title would make it much easier when emailing these reports around the organising committee (finance person, person responsible for purchasing items etc).

Thank you.

I don’t believe the Description field was really meant for display. In the Reports tab, the Description appears in the listing of saved reports to assist a user in finding the relevant one. But the format of reports is constant. Otherwise, you might end up with anomalies like a balance sheet labeled as a profit and loss statement.

In your example, inventory movement is only incidentally related to “The Good Dinosaur.” The report actually applies to inventory changes during a defined time period. While adding a film’s name through the Description field might be useful to you, it opens the possibility of creating problems for other users.