Inventory Quantity Movement Report Issue

If i created a sale invoice without specifying Customer all inventory sales items including this invoice is not calculated in the Inventory Quantity Movement Report. how to fix this?

A sales invoice requires a customer because it represents an obligation for a customer to pay you. Thus, it debits Accounts receivable (and the subaccount of the designated customer) while crediting some other account, usually a sales income account. When there is no customer, Manager dumps the transaction into Suspense, waiting or you to remedy the problem. If necessary, you can create a generic customer with some name like Cash Customer. But if you are not selling on credit, there is no need to use a sales invoice at all. Just Receive Money under a bank or cash account.

If you have created transactions as you describe, look in your Suspense account. I suspect you will find them there. Fix the sales invoices and you will fix your inventory movement problem.

The latest version (16.4.70) makes it more obvious customer has to be selected on sales invoice. This should avoid confusion why invoices without customers don’t affect figures in inventory or in general ledger.