Inventory Quantity by Location - Variable Date/Range

Hello, I would like to request the ability to specify a date range for the “Inventory Quantity by Location” report. This would be useful for reconciling the monthly numbers reported warehouses as part of the inventory management process.

Although I can take the report and subtract any inventory transfers that have happened in the intervening time, this is inconvenient and becomes moreso the further in the past I need to reference.

You cannot have such a report for a range of dates. By its very nature, it must be for a specific date.

Ok, I have changed the subject. By range, I was thinking of something that showed the starting and finishing quantities at the beginning and end of the range. However, that could be accomplished with two reports if necessary.

Then what you are really asking for is the ability to create an Inventory Quantity Movement report for a single location. That is already in the Ideas category: Request: Inventory Items Movement Report by groupings.