Inventory problem on upgrade from Desktop to Cloud


For some reason my Manager desktop version will not run on my desktop PC, so need immediate access to my files so have moved to Cloud as then all backups etc are taken care of.

I have moved a few files across and seem OK - however I have one file that uses inventory and it has numerous errors:

  1. Inventory items have reset to nil or even negative quantities and no cost - due to point 3
  2. Looking at the journals for sales it used to uses Inventory - Sales account but this has been replaced with Inventory on Hand - although Chart of Accounts still shows Sales - Inventory as a code but its not showing up in the journal screen
  3. All the purchase orders for stock are there with the dates but there is no data for all the stock that was acquired.

Any ideas on how to fix this without re-entering everything?


Have you tried downloading Manager on to another PC/Laptop, if Manager downloads ok, then try re-downloading Manager may resolve your issue, uninstalling first may be beneficial. If you are using Windows, either use save and run or just run, don’t double click exe file.

Noting that your data files are stored separately from the programme files so uninstalling wont affect them.

As to the Cloud edition situation I can’t say exactly but I note your reference to “journals for sales”. Journals shouldn’t be used for sales but the Sales Invoices tab should be. If you have used journals then perhaps this is your issue especially if your desktop edition was not a recent version, as from memory, the handling of inventory via journals was changed some months back.

Thanks Brucanna

Yes already uninstalled and reinstalled latest version of Manager but it just won’t run on my computer. Uninstalled recent windows updates from last couple of days but still not fixed.

Just want the inventory file restored - I was probably using Manager from maybe 6 months max old - not sure if i can upgrade the file through versions into cloud or not.

Was using journals for sales as I was recording postage and paypal fees against the sale for my ebay store. Was working fine until now…

Biggest problem is all the inventory items and cost that I did enter through purchase journals…

Hope someone has a solution

Why not go back and do a “RESTORE”, for a date prior to the current issue

Then your “Sales” Journals could quite probably be your problem,

Why, you can do that with Sales Invoices, or in your case Cash Sales via Received Money, then you can have proper integration with the Inventory Items.

If you are using a PayPal account, why not set it up as a Cash Accounts and then process all your sales as Received Money with account lines for both Inventory and expenses - just enter the postage / fees amount with a minus sign in front