Inventory Kit and a Different Account

I am new to the software, and all I can say is this a great job.

I just need one thing, is it possible to have an inventory kit be billed to a different account but still the contents be deducted to my inventory items?

Here is the scenario:

I have the accounts Vaccinations and Deworming Services and Inventory and Supplies Services (Inventory - Sales). The kit that I am making will be for a Vaccination procedure that should be billed under the Vaccinations and Deworming Services but materials used should be deducted from the inventory, e.g. the vaccine and syringe.

I’ve tried to check the forum, but I think I’ve exhausted my efforts enough, though.

Any work around on this one?

Currently all Inventory sold go to the Inventory Sales account, but under development is a feature called Custom Control Accounts, where you will then be able to allocate Inventory sold to different income sales account. That development is #1 on the roadmap but its implementation timetable is unknown

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thank you very much :slight_smile: hope it gets implemented soon