Inventory items. SKU and Internal Name Field wrong way around?

SKU stands for stock keeping unit which I think of as the part code. Internal Name field does not show on the quote form. Only the SKU field shows on the quote form.

Am I supposed to be putting in Cisco SG200-26 POE Switch for the SKU as this is the field that the client sees on their quote. Then put in the part code SLM2024PT-UK in the Internal Name field which is not visible on the quote.

Then put 24-Port Smart Gigabit Switch, 2x Combo mini-GBIC, 12x PoE Ports (100W), 200 Series in the description field.

This does not seem right as the SKU field is very short compared to the Internal Name Field so the impression that I am getting is that I should be putting the part code in the SKU field, but the part code is useless for the client on the quote form as they need to see Cisco SG200-26 POE Switch which is the name of the product, not the part code SLM2024PT-UK.

Thank you