Inventory items not decreasing

Following an earlier topic on inventory:

I paid for the inventory but the inventory is not received yet. So, the not yet received inventory is placed at an account called Prepaid for inventory, not yet received .

When I received the item, I would then create a Journal entry, and credit it out from Prepaid for inventory, not yet received and debit Inventory On Hand - Inventory name , and also the quantity received.

The quantity shows up on the inventory list. Looks ok so far.

The problem is, when I issue a sales invoice for that particular item, it is not decreasing the inventory. I checked that the quantity sold on the sales invoice is 1 , so it should decrease.

Inventory changes made through journal entry is not decreasing. How to get the inventory number to decrease?

On the Sales Invoice when you have the account as Inventory Sales - have you also entered the Inventory name. Do you have in the BS Equity section a Suspense account with a balance. If yes, then the transactions making up that balance are incomplete - missing inventory name

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Issue is resolved.

I just checked, that the sale is not showing on Inventory - sales. So, I must have categorize it incorrectly.

I just recategorize the Sales item to Inventory - sales - Item name, and the inventory decreases.

Thanks for the help. Issue resolved.