Inventory items columns

some columns of the inventory items report are disappeared, same as the quantity purchased.

how can I refund these columns the same as original?


What reports?

I mean this

some columns are disappeared, I want to refund these columns, how can I?

this is not a report as you had mentioned in your initial post. it is the inventory items tab.
the columns automatically appear according to the tabs you have enabled in your business.

What columns do you think have disappeared? Under what circumstances?

thanks a lot Mr. Tut
when i deactivated the Goods Receipts, some columns disappeared in the inventory items table.
But when i activated the goods receipts, all columns appeared again.

You should not activate either the Goods Receipts or Delivery Notes tabs unless you intend to use them. Doing so without using them will cause significant problems. Read the Guides about both.