Inventory credit note bug 20.5.7 (with pictures)


After the inventory bugs of 20.5.6 were fixed, I have discovered a new bug with credit notes. This bug appeared after the fix to 20.5.6 and was not present before that.

Some inventory items in my inventory are not including credit notes in quantity to deliver calculations. I was wondering why the quantity to deliver for some customers had went up after the fix in 20.5.6, and discovered the credit notes for those inventory items don’t appear in the quantity to deliver column. However, on the sales invoice for affected inventory items I see the reference to the corresponding credit note, and the credit note itself has the correct inventory item marked.

  1. Quantity to deliver for the battery is 2

  2. The credit note does not appear here, like it normally does.

  3. On the invoice, the credit note is accounted for.

  4. On the credit note, the correct inventory item is mentioned.

It would have been helpful to post examples of this bug so that it is 100% clear

This bug appears to be fixed in 20.5.13. I no longer see the associated transactions with quantities to deliver. The credit note now appears in picture 2 above, along with the sales invoice.