Integrating with Splynx

Hi, would like to know if there is away to integrate Manager with another system (Splynx)


Yeah sure, but you need to hire a developer for this.

Thank you. Please let me know what information you will need from us or Splynx program, costs and time frame to intergrade.


I was not offering any services here :grin:

But maybe others in this forum might help.

Anyway, you can give any developer access to your api endpoint which they can access as a webpage as well and it contains further informations on how to use the api. It’s rest api, which should make their life easy.

If you are using the cloud then it’s:

And they will have to login on this level as well.

Thanks so much.

Is there any why to import invoices into manager?


Yes, you can use batch create for that. See the following guide:
Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager

You will also need the UUIDs for customers, line items, line accounts, and taxcodes which you can get using the copy to clipboard button in batch update, OR you can them by accessing the record itself and copying the faint key in the top-right corner of the form. like so: