Insert comments with reply and resolve options

it would be great if we able to insert comments as we do on google sheets.

if an accountant create multiple transactions and if any other user (owner,managers etc) wants to ask the accountant about that transaction .
They can add a comment on that particular transaction so any other users can reply to the comment .

user who creates a comment has right to close the comment once he gets his reply.
other users just have right to reply to the comment.

Right columns: No.of comments/replies/conversations and buttons for add/reply/resolve options

Left Side: Comments Tabs , Here we can see all comments and on which transaction we commented

In this way it will very useful to get more detailed explanation from the accountant or sales person etc.

I think this is decent idea. The tab should be probably called Issues. Similar how you will be in future able to attach documents (attachments) to transactions, you should be able to attach issues which could be assigned to some user. Anyway, this is something which is not going to be added anytime soon. Definitely not before attachments.

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