Incomplete Transaction Description

We are still finding Manager an excellent program and use it extensively on a daily basis.
However, now that we are granting “View Only” access to non-accounting managers, we are encountering a small issue.

We create the transaction shown in the following screen -shot:

This is a Deposit into our bank account from our card processing service.
As you see, we have a general description for the entire transaction and a specific description for each line item.
However, when we View the transaction we get image in the next screen-shot:

We still have the specific description for each line item but we have lost the general description for the overall transaction.
Finally, we look at the transaction in the account listing:

Now we have the general description but not the specific descriptions for the individual lines.

It is ok to have just the general description in the account listing but when you drill down to view the transaction, it would be helpful to be able to see all of the description data in one place.