Income tax chart mess


I think I found a bug, it is going to be super hard for me to resolve after inputting so many invoices…

I have noticed that when you charge V.A.T, the money goes into Tax payable chart but if you delete the receipt/invoice, the amount stays there, causing a big mess in the tax chart.

Could you please try it from your side as from my side, I may have to redo the whole accounting as I have many duplicated amounts.

Check this out, all my payments are multiplied again and again for no reason. The receipt number is the same but it is copied over again and again with a difference in the amount each time.
I have this for many of my receipts.


You are providing very mixed up information !

First you say “that when you charge V.A.T, the money goes into Tax payable chart but if you delete the receipt/invoice” - which refers to Customers as you are charging VAT and their related receipt/invoice.

Next you say "all my payments are multiplied again and again " - which refers to Suppliers and the screenshot refers to suppliers payments.

Have those expenses (web services/business cards) been taken up via Purchase Invoices - if yes
a) Are they also duplicated in the same way within their respective expense account ?
b) Why are the payments having any form of VAT connected to them.

VAT is only taken up upon the processing of Customer / Supplier Invoices, you don’t enter the VAT a second time when those Invoices are being paid - receive / spend money unless they are cash sales / purchases.

Can you click on Edit for each of the first four (web services) and post screenshots of them please.

Perhaps, use this current business as a test business where you can experiment with entries & posting
while creating a separate new business for the live data.

The problem stopped when I uninstalled and reinstalled the software, all my payments came back as “single” rather than being duplicated, I knew something was not right here as I kept watching this part to make sure it would work right and suddently everything got messed up.

Let me explain it better the previous message.

The right order is:
If I sell goods, I have output V.A.T, when the fiscal receipt is given to my customer, I should have this output V.A.T in the “Tax payable” journal account.
If I cancel the sale, this output V.A.T should not show in the “Tax Payable” journal account anymore.

Now if I buy goods I have input V.A.T, this V.A.T should also go into the “Tax Payable” journal account, then when I run the report for a given period, I should see where I stand with my V.A.T totals(input - output).

For me in Xero it did not matter if it was an invoice or a fiscal receipt, what was important was that the output and input V.A.T were being added to the same account in the chart.

Now regarding your question about Paypal, no, all the paypal sales at the moment are showing as “suspense” I have not yet done them, this is actually the first thing I checked. This is why I could not understand where all these transactions were coming from.

ie:reference 9248322517 for a business card is a purchase from a supplier that happened only once in my main bank account, not so many times, also the tax amounts did not match at all the actually payment.

Glad it sorted itself out as I got worried.

And unfortunately, no I have to get this tax done by next week, I have no time for a test account…