Income statement by invoice number

I would like to print an income statement, by invoice number. If this is only possible by using SQL in the Custom Reports option, could you please provide the SQL language I would need to input?

At times, I may want to run this report for a period of one month, but other times I would need to run it for multiple months, or an entire year. Thank you all for any assistance.

@Eliz, an income statement is another name for a profit and loss statement. It has a specific meaning in accounting, and that meaning does not include listing invoices, but rather the balance of income and expense accounts over a defined time period.

The Sales Invoices register lists all sales invoices. It can be sorted in ascending or descending direction according to any of its headings. It shows invoice totals and remaining balance due, among other parameters. It can searched for any string value. It can be exported for importation to a spreadsheet or other application.

What information are you seeking that is not already provided?

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Thank you @Tut. That’s what I want: a Sales Invoice Register, sorted in different ways. How do I get it to sort, for instance - by invoice number, or by month (date)?

Thanks for your help. This cloud version looks very different from the desktop one I was using.

Sort on a column by clicking its heading. Click again to reverse the order. You cannot, however, search for a date range. For that, you have to export and do magic in a spreadsheet.

The cloud version and desktop version are identical except for user-related stuff. If things look different, it is because your old version was so out of date. Many things have changed in recent months. This program develops at an astounding rate.