Income Accounts do not show up on Invoice

I set up my chart of accounts. Under the Income group I have added Rental Income and Late Fees. When I try to invoice a customer, the only choices that show up on the invoice are the app installed “Interest Income” and “Sales”. Rental Income and Late Fees do not show up.

Were the income accounts set up as a New Group or a New Account? In case they were set up as groups you should delete them and set them up as accounts.

@bristam Can you send us a screen shot of the chart of accounts?

Also, you don’t need to set up Late fees, as Manager automatically activates an account called Late payment fees when necessary. See Manager Cloud.

Except, if the “late fees” don’t related to the Sales Invoices feature, manually created.

The the income accounts are accounts, not groups, under the Income Group. The late fees are variable and manually created, so I need that account. How do I send you a screen shot?

Attached is a screen shot of a portion of the chart of accounts. I manually entered Late Fees, NSF Check Fees, and Rental Income. I don’t know why NSF Check fees are in small font. I just added an account and placed it in the group I wanted them.

Everything in bold type is a group rather than an account.

As said you created groups instead of accounts