In balance account

I have two accounts that I use card money cash account. I always make purchases with the card money account and that’s there I record my daily sales. Now after closing for the day, I realized my account thus the card money account did not balance. When I checked the report I have a beginning balance of 235 which is the same amount my card money is shorting and the following day I get a shortage of 470 which is double the 235. What could I have done wrong. Please help

You have not given nearly enough information for anyone to help. Start by answering these questions:

  1. Are you asking about using Manager? Or are you asking unrelated banking questions?
  2. How are you recording sales with what you call a “card money account?”
  3. When you say things did not balance, what did not balance? Why did you expect them to balance?
  4. If you are using Manager, what kind of transactions are you entering? Show screen shots of their Edit screens.

Basically, you need to understand that you cannot just throw up your hands, tell us everything has gone wrong, and ask someone to solve your problem. You need to explain in detail what you have done, what the result was, and why you think there is an error. These things need to be illustrated with screen shots. And remember, no one can see anything about your accounts except what you post.

You should only record your daily sales against the card money account if you are actually depositing the daily sales to the card money account, if you are not depositing the daily sales to the card money account then you should be using your cash account for the daily sales.