Importing bankstatements

I encounter a problem, after the bank statement has been added to the account.
It keeps on overwriting old issues, even of the previous year.

Example, My bookkeeping was updated on the 3rd of March. The bank suggests it imports statements from 3-3-20 up to 3-4-20, which is correct.
Nevertheless I find that previous amendments have been overwritten again, or placed on an interim account.

What do I overlook?

pls adv
Regards Joost

You need to examine the file you are importing to see what transactions it contains

You can do this using Notepad or a similar simple text editor

Please clarify a few things, @Vangis.

Please confirm you are referring to importing a bank statement, not adding a new bank account.

Do you mean that bank transactions that were previously entered or imported are modified by the new import? Or are new transactions added?

What do you mean by “place on an interim account?” Give a specific description.

Based on what I believe you mean, several things may be occurring:

  • Your downloaded bank statements may not be for the time period you think they cover. With some banks, the date range can be independently set. If this is true with your bank, be sure to verify the date range before downloading the statement. At other banks, downloads automatically match the date range of the most recent paper statement. In that situation, you have no control. At still other banks, the download runs from the last date you downloaded until the current date. And at some, downloads cover an arbitrary period, perhaps the last three years or the last six months. Make sure you understand what the bank is supposedly downloading. You may need to manually edit the download before importing it to Manager.
  • It sounds like you are modifying transaction details during the import process. In that case, if the new download includes the same transactions as a previous one, Manager will not recognize the transactions as being identical because of the changes. So it will import the unmodified version of the transaction again.
  • If you are using bank rules, your bank rules may be overriding changes previously made. Review them carefully.

All possibilities suggest the most likely explanation is that you are importing transactions for the same time period. The exact consequences could depend on many factors. But, if you were not modifying the transactions, Manager should detect and reject duplicates. Regardless, you should carefully review the list of imported transactions before accepting them.

My bank identifies the new period automatically, and I have not changed it.
I do use bank rules, and quite honestly I do not see them working very well.

Funnily enough, when I go back in the menu top left, after the import, the red and green marked fields have gone, and I find only the new items not allocated to an account, but set to an interim account (Whatever you call it in English) in Dutch Accounting Tussenrekening; suspense account according to Google translate. From there I can change it easily.

So may be it is best: Cancel the bank rules, until I understand them??

Thanks for your help


You should see a screen like this:
0000000 Bug 1a

The entries with bank rules have changed the account “Suspense” to another account name (in green). To update those bank rule entries you need to tick the box on the left and then click “Bulk Update”.
0000000 Bug 2

For entries with “Suspense” as the account, you need to click the “Edit” button and then select the appropriate Chart of Account under Account and click “Update”.
0000000 Bug 1

Note that all work is completed via the “import” screen which can be returned to at any time by clicking the blue figure under “Uncategorized” via the Bank Account tab.
0000000 Bug 2a

Bank Rules are one of the best features that Manager has as they can save you hours of doing manual entries.

This is probably contributing to the problem. Your bank only knows what has been downloaded before, not necessarily what has been imported to Manager. There is no guarantee of accuracy on the part of the bank. If you can, set the download period manually. This may reduce the need for Manager to identify duplicate transactions and avoid problems.

I would give you different advice: spend the time to understand your bank rules so you do not have to cancel them. Importing statements without bank rules is very tedious. Importing with well-defined bank rules saves a great deal of time. Read the Guides about importing bank statements and bank rules carefully again.