Importing 3rd party payment to customer account

I continue to be impressed with this software! Really well done… Can’t wait for budgeting module and ratio analysis, but that’s another subject :smile:

What I’m trying to achieve now is a way to import 3rd party payments. I am setting up a broking business where I want to record time spent on a “per customer” basis but not for billing. I don’t bill clients directly as my service is free to the customer, but rather receive commission payments from a 3rd party for each client’s business.

I will receive a monthly statement showing payments in relation to each client and hope to be able to import them, and also generate income reports summarised on a customer by customer basis.

I have the customer module active to record customer details, but don’t see any reporting options to show income per customer, or importing options for a spreadsheet file.

Can this be done in the system as it is, or would it require some new functionality?

Thanks again for a great system.

The thing is, you are never going to invoice your “customers” since they will be billed by another entity and this entity will pay you commission. So perhaps you shouldn’t use Customers tab at all and create each customer as a tracking code. When you receive commission, you could categorize the commission such as that you would split it among multiple tracking codes (each representing different customer).

Then you can get P&L statement per tracking code. I know this all seems a bit strange but customers in Manager are meant to be your creditors. People you provide free services and who never pay you directly are not your creditors, therefore they are not your customers from Manager point of view even though you treat them as such.