Import to Uncleared payments


After doing a lot or research and testing, I has just started using the uncleared payment feature. However, I write upward of 100 checks a month and have this information in an excel spreadsheet. I can import into the bank statement using the import feature but cannot make them uncleared (which they should be when I write them). Is there a way to import to the uncleared?


It’s not possible to import to Uncleared payments column. I could make it possible but why not enter those transactions directly into Manager as you go instead of using Excel.


Excel is being used to create the checks which is coming from a database
that calculates what we owe. The input to the database come out of our POS
system which tracks sales (it’s a large consignment store). The checks are
paid twice a month when this calculation is performed (sale less
commission) so the excel sheet is a export from the database and a way to
print the checks without having to enter anything. All I need is a way to
get this file into manager without the manual entry. I can import to the
bank account (with the import feature which is what I currently do) but
then I can’t use the uncleared option and many of these don’t clear by end
of month statement time.