Import existing Business

I had a breakdown on my computer, i had to buy a new one.
I have installed the software (Desktop Version) in this new computer.
Now I’m trying to import my existing business from the back up is giving me error say file not supported.
The Only Backups that is working is the ones I did in 2018.
The most recent ones are not taking.
please help.

Are you following the instructions in this Guide:

Yes, I did follow the guide.
Only my last two backups of this month is not taking.

I did Manage to solve the problem it is working now.

Thank you.

What was the issue?

I have opened the file directly from the drive that I wanted to import the file from in the new computer.
When the file opened, from there I have saved the file into the computer on desktop and closed.
open the software and click to import the file and it worked, just like that.