Import button takes a while and adds duplicates


In v17.3.20 when I click the import button, it takes a while but doesn’t give you any confirmation that the import button did anything. So I clicked it again several times.
Now I have an account that has lots of duplicates.

I am importing a qif file in the linux version.

You will have to delete the duplicates. In future, only import once. The process is virtually instantaneous.

Thanks for the quick response.

It is definately not “instantaneous”. I couldn’t have clicked import so many times if it was.
It took several minutes to import 1k of transactions.

It’s be nice if the button did something to acknowledge that I clicked on it, it could disappear or have a progress bar. It doesn’t check for duplicates when importing, it only checks on that first page before importing.

During the import, the cpu usage was very low. But the disk usage was high, something is flushing the database to the disk maybe every transaction. I am using a 1.8m .manager file.

I’ve noticed a similar thing happening when I click on the “bulk update” button.

If it took several minutes then I suggest the problem is (besides the multi clicking) possibly either other applications running or the size of your manager file. Below are the imports I did today, while they weren’t “instantaneous” as such, the longest was probably 5 sec at the most, which seems longer when you are waiting…

Yes it does, see the below import dialog. Only the additional 2 entries were imported.

But if you sent a subsequent command before the first execution had been completed then you can expect duplication as there wasn’t an updated file to be compared to

You are right about “flushing the database to the disk maybe every transaction” part. It was too slow when importing a lot of data. The latest version (17.4.9) fixes this issue so the process should be instantaneous.

You guys respond very quickly!
The import is happening very quickly now.

The bulk updates button still takes half a sec or so, nothing too bad but not as good as the previous version I used a while ago.

And the new interface clears up a lot space, maybe it was there before but I hadn’t noticed.