Import bank statements - wrong bank account

I have several bank accounts. When I import a csv bank statement I choose the correct bank account.
After the import and allocation I find the allocation account is correct but the wrong bank account is used. Rather than Dr or Cr my chosen bank account the programme Dr or Cr a system account called “Cash at Bank” . How do I get it to Dr or Cr the chosen bank account.

Drill down on Cash at bank. That is a control account made up of individual bank accounts to reduce clutter. You can also enter the Bank Accounts tab and see individual bank account balances.

Thanks for a prompt reply. I understand that “Cash at bank” is a control account but it would be nice for the bank accounts to show individually in the trial balance and on the balance sheet, especially at year end when it is printed out. Maybe an option to use the control balance or detail would be great.
Thanks for a programme that shows great promise to be an effective replacement for MYOB etc

@Tsesebe you can do that too by creating custom control account for each bank account. See: Manager Cloud

Thankyou. I will have a go at that. I am very new to this software.

One of the problems I found is that after importing the bank statement and setting up “rules” you cannot set up a rule to transfer money between two bank accounts or even edit the bank transaction to debit/credit another bank account. You use the separate section which works well. Our local credit unions sweep backwards and forwards between accounts making lots of entries and it seems. I may transfer money frequently between interest bearing and non-interest bearing accounts. Am I missing something?

Again, thank you.

The only thing you missed is the Guide that explains how to handle your situation: Manager Cloud.

Thank you – fully understand