Import a sample business

If you’d like to experiment with a sample business already containing a broad range of transactions, you can import a fictitious company called Northwind Traders. Northwind is a trading company selling food to customers all over the world. Manager has a lot of modules and the way Northwind is using Manager is just one of the many examples of how Manager can suit custom business requirements.

Northwind is using Manager to:

  • Track supplier invoices to know how much it owes to suppliers
  • Issue invoices to customers and track how much customers owe to Northwind
  • Monitor stock levels and measure profit margins on all inventory items
  • Generate financial statements

Import Northwind

To download the fictitious company, Northwind Traders, and add it to your application data folder, click on the link below:

Northwind.manager (2.2 MB)

Launch the Manager application. On the Businesses page, click Add Business and select Import Business:


Navigate to the downloaded file, Northwind.manager, and click Import Business. You will be taken to the Summary screen for Northwind:

The business will also appear on your Businesses page:


Open business file without importing

After the sample business file has been downloaded, you can also open it directly without adding it to your Businesses page. Just double-click the file itself wherever you downloaded it.

Points of interest

However you open the Northwind business, you can use it to explore functions and features of Manager:

  • You can click on each tab to see how invoices and other transactions have been created.
  • Have a look at financial statements such as Profit and Loss Statement or Balance Sheet under the Reports tab.
  • Have a look at customer or supplier reports such as Aged Receivables, Aged Payables, Customer Statements or Supplier Statements, also under the Reports tab.
  • Enter new transactions or edit existing transactions to see how those actions affect individual balances on reports.
  • Enable additional tabs to learn how they interact with the ones already present.

You can always delete the sample business and re-import a new one or have multiple sample businesses side by side.

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