Images on forms

Hi, Just need a bit help here. Looking at converting over from MYOB. Read on the forum that you can add an image to customer - supplier invoices. But unable to find any help on this. Any help be appreciated. Thanks Mac

The answer depends on where you are trying to add the image: logo, product description, etc.

Thanks for coming back to me. Sorry should have explained in more detail.
We are company based in Indonesia. Export.What I was hoping the software could do, was when i create a quote or order in the product description a photo could be attached to that line. Presently I take the Myob and transfer to Excell and then add photo. Hope that all makes sense

You can do this. Look up the release note about HTML in fields. There have been other forum topics, too.

Thanks for that, have had a look at the HTML release notes. Bit mind boggling for me. But will give it a go.