If lock can be added to the free version

if lock can be added to the free version it will be great

the free version is meant to be single user. access can be restricted at OS level. this has been discussed many times. please search the forum for related discussions.

so how can i restrict at OS level.

create user profiles with password in your OS.

i use the software to manage small lab. we have only one computer on which we print report and result. if i create user profile in the operating system it means if we want to print result we log out user if we want print receipt using manager we log out and log in
if you can add it for me only for a fee i will be cool

there are other third party softwares available on the internet which will help you to lock or hide programs depending on your OS. use Google to find them.
or you could subscribe to the server or cloud editions of Manager.

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This simply means that you need to protect the computer that you are using not the application itself.