Identify unused master records

Currently, there’s no way to tell whether a master record (tab or setting) is used without trying to delete it first, only then the list of details appear.

Why not have some kind of tag or column to identify unused master records directly on the tab or setting table because that would help admins keep the database nice and tidy and reduce user input errors.

Unused tabs are already shown by a zero in the counter for those tabs in the left navigation pane.

Unused Settings pages will not go away unless they were enabled by a functional tab that is itself disabled. Definitions within a Settings category, like foreign currency, that are unused so far take essentially no memory and really do not make the database untidy.

Not speaking particularly of foreign currency but chart of accounts, tax codes, customers, suppliers, etc.

And this is completely different from tab counters. For example you can 1000 customers of which 200 were never used in any transactions. You can’t get this information right now.

Yes, you can. Look in the Customers tab and sort by the Invoices column. Unused customers will be grouped together.

A big question is why anyone would create 200 customers they don’t need.

What if the customer has a quote, a sales order, a billable entry. You will either have to look everywhere else or start randomly pressing delete until you find a truly unused account.