Ideas - Deactivate User

Dear @lubos

I give access, from time to time, to an external guy who help us with the customer invoices. I think that it would be nice to have to possibility to deactivate the user with a flag in order to block the access without loosing all the settings.


Something similar has been mentioned before. I was surprised to discover it is not already in the ideas category. I am putting it there.

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Excellent idea Davide … I have in the past altered the external users password for the period they are not needed to assist with operations.


this would also allow the reactivation of an account when needed and maintain an audit trail of the user in questions. top idea. voted (even though I don’t use users!) lol

A great idea, and I also like to request this feature too. Dear @lubos, can this be implemented, please?

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Till it’s implemented you can change the password and let the username sit there.

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