Idea: Thumbnail for receipts/files attached


Can we get thumbnails for the receipts or files attached?

There is lot of space under or towards right side of the receipt / sales invoice etc

for example :

or we can follow present model but when i click the attachment, i prefer to see the bigger version of the receipt in the same screen (maybe towards right side of the sales invoice).

in present model, the attachment opens in same browser tab , i need to right click and click open in new tab … i dont feel comfertable

This will not work. What you see on screen is your operating system’s rendering of HTML code. The attachments are files that could be from any program: images, word-processing documents, spreadsheets, scans, etc. The program does not integrate images of the files into the database. It stores the files themselves for display by the applications that created them. Procedures for producing thumbnails would be different for every browser and operating system.

may be your point is correct.

i dont have much knowledge with coding etc

i generally see thumbnails on windows OS and when i select any kind of file (word, pdf, png, jpeg) it will show me preview on right side of the screen

Maybe such kind of feature will be nice for