Idea for Description of credit notes in customer transaction statement


whater ever i write in description of credit Note , it doesn’t apear in the description column.
pleas look at that


Credit notes can be of two types: Early payment discounts and Custom. The type is indicated in a dropdown field that is part of the summary-level Description line on the entry form. When the type is Early payment discount, there is no free-text field for Description. For illustrations of the two types, see these Guides:

In summary, the field is not shown because it may not exist. But I don’t know whether it could, because I don’t know the inner workings of the early payment discount logic. I will put this into the Ideas category.


sorry ,i think , i could not explain my problem clearly ,In description column of this above report ,you can see credit note 18, actually i want that what i write ,in description column of " Credit note" , it should be appear in the report of customer .


your problem is already clear and it has been moved to the ideas category.
it may or may not be implemented in the future updates.