I want to pay an invoice using my personal card

When i open the purchase invoice and click pay now, I can’t choose to pay via expense claim with a personal card, only by business accounts. If i pay it through expenses, I can’t choose the invoice number, thus the purchase doesn’t show as paid, or partly paid with balance due. Help!!

If you look again, you will see there is no “pay now” feature on purchase invoices or any other type of transaction. The feature to which you are probably referring is Spend money. A business can only spend its own money, so an expense claim is not an appropriate option.

I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say “pay it through expenses.” Do you mean the Expense Claims tab? If so, you can definitely select the appropriate supplier’s subaccount in Accounts payable and choose your purchase invoice number:


The purchase invoice reflects the payment in all appropriate places, lists, etc:


Oh Brilliant, it worked. Thank you for clarifying that for me!!