How to use manager software for residential society

Hi All,
I need assistance on using this manager software for our society, need guidance on setting up end-to-end, can someone help

This question is far too broad. Start by reading the Guides: Create a test business and experiment. Then ask specific questions.

Thanks for response, I have tried doing using the guide but would like to know better if someone in the forums have already used it for society account management and can guide faster specially looking for India based society account management.

I feel is best however need some assistance from existing users on setting up manager software for society usage, like how to start, how to enter society members details, collection etc.

What kind of business is this company promoting? You need to describe it if you want some help.

How to enter their details depends upon your society members relationship to the society.

If the residential society is setup to manage a residential building(s then the members would be setup as Customers.

Few questions on this.

    • Society members should be configured as capital accounts or as customers?
    • Receivable from members will be under income?
    • Is there option to generate auto-mated bills for society members every month using a template, if so how that to be done?
    • How to link share certificate information and nominee information against society members?
  1. Usually your revenue comes from where?
  2. Receivable is an asset related to your question number 1.
  3. Manager does not have auto-mated billing. It only have sending 1 invoice to one client at a time using the module. Currently it does not doing any batch sending message. your best bet using dedicated email client or services. after export the said invoice and receipt in pdf format.
  4. Not possible as far as I know in Manager.

You can setup recurrent invoices which can be created more or less automatically

If the receivables from the members will be under income then your Society Members would be configured as customers.

@malaniom, you haven’t answered the most basic questions asked by people who are trying to help. What kind of business are you keeping accounts for, and what is the relationship of the members to the “society?” For all you have said, you could be running a social club, an investment group, a savings association, a corporation, or something completely different.

Thanks, income for society is from maintenance paid by society members. basically its residential society.

@Tut Its a residential society, where society members pays monthly maintenance and taxes, these maintenance is used for maintaining society expenses like cleaning, water charges, electric payment, festivals funds etc.

And the answered was provided in post #5