How to make transaction for Inventory items for Company's Project Site?

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Our company is Fiber Laying Company for Telecommunication service. We are acting as local service provider (LSP) on behalf of telecom operators. Normally telecom operators assign us turnkey project sites to do fiber cable laying work.So we have to use our inventory items for those projects and then we issue invoice for material and our service work.
Regarding Manager Accounting, could you please guide me how to make transaction for Inventory items for Company’s Project Use rather than sold to customers directly? We also need a report of inventory use per each project site. Can this be done in Manager Accounting?

Nyi Nyi LIn

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I do like inventory write off and Allocation account need to be considered correctly.

@nyi2lin please read the relevant guides on Billable Expenses.

You could include the inventory cable used on the sales invoice without any sales value.

Lets say you had the following fibre cable as inventory:

You now invoice the LSP for the project:

The P&L would then look like this:
0000000 Bug 2a

The updated inventory like this: