How to Hide Item Buying Price from Limited Accounts

To deal with returned items, we want our account manager to create purchase order for returned items, but we want to hide the purchase price. Can you please help us fixing this issue?

What you need to do is give the client a credit note. This refunds the client the amount paid for the goods returned. You should not be creating purchase orders for this as you are not buying back a product from a client. You are refunding the client for a returned product. Unless I have misunderstood your question.

Yes you are right but if i create credit note, this transaction will not credit the Main Courier Service Account. Also my Question is How can i hide the product buying price in Limited Access Account? Limited account that will be used by our staff workers.

You could do a debit note for the courier account. This is the correct way to do the debits and credits as far as refunding the client for returned products and refunding yourself for courier fees. Having said that debit and credit notes only apply a debit or credit to the person applied. It is not meant to be used for giving the client the money back but rather is a way for you to adjust their account on your end! If you need to actually

As for hiding the buying price - sorry I don’t know the answer to that question. But I would have thought that when you do a credit return to the client, it doesn’t show the buying price anyway