How to customize the Dashboard to have some graphics


I wonder, how to customize the main dashboard to look better, with some charts, graphics etc…


You cannot change the Summary screen except to switch between cash- and accrual-basis accounting and to set date ranges.

Out of curiosity, what charts and graphics do you think would be valuable?

Hi Tut,

Thank you for your reply,

I was searching a lot for simple and easy to use accounting system, And after compare, I like your system.

It’s a great example of user friendly system.

The thing which can add is (Graphics& pie charts), showing the numbers in graphics way,

What will be valuable is when I open the system to see compression between revenue and expenses in charts. also, I can see month by month.

I wish to see in next update.


There are no announced plans for such a feature. See the Roadmap: Roadmap.