How to create under inspection inventory location

hello dears,
how to create under inspection inventory location without affecting our actual stock because it did not actually approved. So this stock should be unavailable for sales or manufacturing till it is released.

You need to provide more details. Did you buy or produce this inventory? Are you using goods receipts? Why is putting this inventory into a separate location not satisfactory? Why can’t you use inventory transfers to record movement?

Many thanks for your replay.
we are trading company so we buy an sell only.
we are using good receipt but we have phase before receiving called under inspection in our warehouse it may last for 3 to 4 days .so we traied to make under inspection inventory location but we faced that this inventory is available for sales even before inspection due to high sales movement Ecommerce.
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The solution is simple. Delay the date of your goods receipt until after inspection is complete. That has two advantages:

  • Goods are not listed as being on hand
  • Quantity received can be adjusted, if necessary, because of inspection failure.

Receiving inspection is a very common practice. Frequently, purchase terms include the requirement that goods pass inspection before being legally accepted.

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