How to change P&L Item to BS Item


Please advise , if its possible to change P&L ledger convert to B/S ledger ?

You cannot change an account. You would have to delete one and create another. But you cannot delete an account if it has been used without first editing every transaction posted to it. What exactly are you trying to do and why?

I recorded many transactions in as expenditure with now belongs to BS , now i have to capitalized that

After you have created the new balance sheet account, consider using the Find & Recode function to change those transactions. See the Guide: Note that this function only works for bank transactions, not cash transactions.

If you are not concerned with the accuracy of interim/monthly financial statements and mainly use Manager for year end reporting you can use journal entries, see guides -

You debit the total amount to be capitalized allocated to the asset account in the Balance Sheet and credit the total amount to be removed from the expenditure account.